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released February 7, 2014




KOWAI The Netherlands

Treading on the edge of rock and metal, KOWAI has an aptitude for melody, atmosphere and intensity, and elements of symphony, melancholy and doom. Their sound palette is as rich as it is dynamic. Hailing from the Netherlands, this six-piece band is ready to take on the world with the release of their first full-length album DISSONANCE: a nine-song magnum opus filled with haunting and fierce songs. ... more

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Track Name: Yield
What am I to do with my one wish
when my heart is willing
but my hands too weak
I don’t want to face the fear I feel
but in this land of false pretense
can’t hide my choice to yield
(choice to yield)

Today again I choose surrender
(I’ll be here)
and my willing heart grows weaker
(in the dark)
while my hands embrace the shame
the only thing I’m always worthy of
(forever more)

All this pressure drowns me easily
so I’ll be overpowered
and not to blame for this
The scenes of pain I hide with a smile
at night they come to play here
with haunting tears of sorrow
(of sorrow)

Again I cannot force myself
I’ll be here forever
cannot leave where I’m deprived
of what would make me whole
Track Name: In Retrospect
We’ve been waiting all this time
hoping for another day
still we do not make a sound
as moments pass us by

With our eyes growing cold
and our dreams, they’re getting old
we lie awake remembering
all that’s left to do

We’re too young to die
too old to be alive
not enough to live
too much for life

We surrender to demand
it’s all that we have known
as it dawns upon our minds
we still stand alone

With our hearts growing cold
and our dreams, they’re getting old
we lie awake remembering
all we failed to do
Track Name: Fallen Behind
So far from here I can see the light
pushing through the veil of grey
mesmerizing me
I’ve fallen behind
and now my shadows are too dark
to pick up the pace, I am astray

Surrounding me
I am not alone anymore
but this is not where I belong

This void not as empty as I had thought
my fellow fallen ones
a company of misery
Through the veil of gray
I can barely see the outline
of some distant destination

I, I’ve fallen behind
and it seems I can’t go any further, oh no

Surrounding me
I am not alone anymore
and we are equal in the fading dawn

I fell behind
Track Name: The Promise
Only in your eyes
reflection of a need
I am good enough
When in my own
a slumber is born
to hide the sight of chance

In the dead of night
this sentiment finds home
and I deny myself
What I need most
lies near to me still
yet always out of reach

Leave me
where I will wash away
Forget me
while I will fall behind
of the promise
I once held

Now I see
a summer breeze to free me
that I took for a storm
shields set up too high
A sudden urge
A forgotten sensation
A wish denied
A truth so far forsaken

The sorrow haunts me still
an image to defeat
your words to keep me sane
All I never knew
my thoughts were never true
if only I could see like you

Promise me
once again
sew the seams
cross the line

Promise me
another dawn
for all my dreams
there’s still time

Just promise me
and I’ll believe you
take my fear
change my mind
Track Name: Pride
Indulging again
clinging to the dark
my dreams are all that I am
lost in my own heart

Once more failing
Once more falling

Find your pride
and leave behind
Still the same
your last change

Lying again
Holding on to pain
a disregard for everything
spreading like the blackest stain

Once more numbing
Once more succumbing

Find your pride
and leave behind
Trembling hands
your last chance
Track Name: Man's Downfall
Hidden underneath the mask
kneel as you betray me
bow as you hate me
I, I accept

Greed has been man’s downfall
and will be so again
forever I serve
forever you shame me
In the end
there is no mercy for the weak
dispose of the lesser
think yourself the better one
I accept

You do not wish to serve
with shameless eyes
I humbly look away
as my throne is overtaken

Greed has been man’s downfall
and will be so again
forever I serve
forever you blame me
In the end
there is no mercy for the weak
dispose of the lesser
think yourself the better one
I accept
Track Name: Earth Below
As the snow fell down on me
my fate became so much more clear
looking up I watched the clouds
and I felt the cold on my lips

The silence overtook me still
in this wintry dawn I held myself
as I tried to let go of life
with all the strength I’d left

I was loved and I was lost
I could not be found again
I was loved and I was lost
and I will not be found again

Face your fear
lose yourself and leave me here
own your grief and let me go
I can’t take it anymore
don’t torment me with your pain
leave this life and let me be
rotting in your misery
leave this place and let me go
end it all on earth below
your earth below

In the wind my hair was caught
so shattered thoughts of change
and I fell like the leaves I cherished
until the earth caressed my bones
Track Name: Undisgraced
So innocent I’ve been
gazing at the world
with endless possibilities
A vision clouded
by another’s bliss

I’m no longer who I was
and what I now behold
merely drifting
away from right
away from reason

Once I was all of you
and you all could be me
my feet found my own path
Silently unknown
Safe and undisgraced
Still untouched by any testimony

I have been to where I shouldn’t have
an echo of before
you made me wander
looking for rest
and finding only chaos

So I wander evermore
in your shadow I was hidden
I hide
from all the pain
and all the shame you made me feel
from what has been
and how I’ll never fully heal
I hide
Track Name: Ice Cold Sun
As I turned my back to you
the knife was twisted
and slowly cold surrounds me now
Out here I am on my own
fragile wings were broken
long before I tried to fly

I will not
Feel again

Where is my home, where am I safe
in this cold world, I’m here to stay
How did I forsake my fate
I’m all alone, it’s all too late

I see shadows drawing near
from the corner of my eye
offering serenity
Forever I will lie alone
helpless on my back
in the ice cold sun

A winter chill to shield my soul
if only I could fight my fate
A summer breeze to soothe my ache
if only I could feel relief

When did I
become so numb
now I’ll never feel again
for you
When did I
become so still
this is how it ends

This is how it ends

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